Do activities that honour Aboriginal Veterans

No matter whether you want to learn more about the history of our a particular Veteran, or you want to know extraordinary contributions made by Aboriginal Veterans to our country, or you want to pay tribute to a Veteran, Click Here to look up how many Veterans have served our country, shaped our national history through the different ages, ans see how they are geographically distributed from East to West!

I firmly believe that schools can play a positive role in helping youths learn about the contributions Aboriginal (Indigenous) Veterans have made to the safety and security of Canada. Storytelling and sharing thoughts and feelings about Veterans and their family contributions are a means to connect youths, engage youths and Elders and to pass along important cultural and social norms and values.

Schools may choose to teach their students about the history of a particular Veteran, talk about a group of Veterans who made an extraordinary contribution, or to engage in a collaborative class activity to pay tribute before and during commemorative celebrations. See below for some ideas that may be of interest. The Veteran Tribute List does not benefit materially from any activity that is suggested below - these are merely some examples to help get your going.

The Aboriginal Veteran Tribute does not benefit materially from any activity that is suggested below - these are merely some examples to help get your going.

Schools can use the information found on the Veterans Tribute list to teach the history, add Indigenous stories to Remembrance Day Ceremonies, and round out the curriculum on Indigenous studies. Here a list of ideas about how schools can utilize the information they find on this site when educating students about the role Aboriginal Veterans played in Canadian History.

For Teachers

1# Consider showing short videos to your class and have an interactive discussion. For example

A Tribute to Our Heroes: Aboriginal Veterans Day - Ontario Government

National Aboriginal Veterans Monument - National Capital Commission

Aboriginal Veterans images - Veterans Affairs Canada

2# Participate in social-emotional kindness activities that honour Veterans. For example

Send a note of Gratitude. Select from the Veterans Tribute List, a Veteran or community and have the students write thank-you notes. Place on the classroom wall, website, or place at the memorials (if permitted). Click Here to see the number of Aboriginal Veterans that are honoured for having served Canada, where they are located across Canada and more.

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3# Add some content or a new curriculum.

Here is an Example by Historical Canada.

Disclaimer: Aboriginal Veterans Tribute is not responsible for the accuracy of any sites that it links to for the purposes of providing examples. If you notice a broken link, kindly let me know. If you have a suggestion for a good example to share, also please let me know. Thank you, Jeff.